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The Galena Territory Project

Nicor Gas is excited to announce that the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) approved our petition for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN), which allows Nicor Gas the opportunity to extend natural gas service to The Galena Territory.


Make The Switch

Fill out the single meter service request form to apply for service through the Neighborhood Expansion Program. 

For information about the Nicor Gas Galena Territory Project, please contact us at 630.388.2008 or by email at

Why Natural Gas?

Convenience & Reliability

You can rest assured knowing that your day won't be interrupted by power outages or service disruptions. Since natural gas is transported through underground pipelines directly to your business, you'll always have a reliable supply of energy. Unlike common electric power outages, a disruption in natural gas service is an extremely rare occurrence. 

Environmentally Friendly

Natural gas is the cleanest burning of all the fossil fuels. Composed primarily of methane, the main products of the conbustion of natural gas are carbon dioxide and water vapoor, the same compounds we exhale when we breathe. Coal and oil are composed of much more complex molecules, with a higher carbon ratio and higher nitrogen and sulfur contents. This means that when combusted, coal and oil relase higher levels of harmful emissions, including a higher ratio of carbon emissions, nitrogen oxides (NOx), and sulfur dioxide (SO2).


Natural gas is transported through a complex network of pipelines that begin at natural gas production sites and runs all the way to your home or business. Nationally, the natural gas industry spends more than $6 billion each year to maintain the system's excellent safety record, developing innovative new ways to make sure that the energy you rely on is safely transported to you.

Efficient and Economical

On average, natural gas costs much less than other forms of energy and it is the least expensive method for heating and cooking. The higher efficiency and lower price of natural gas may significantly reduce your annual energy bills. 

Switch to Save with Natural Gas

Choosing natural gas for your home is a decision that can really pay off. Illinois homeowners could save up to 70 percent on their energy bills by switching to natural gas heating and water heating from other energy sources. And when you consider that heating and water heating typically make up two of the largest energy expenses for your home, it just makes sense to better understand how much you can save with natural gas. Calculate your potential saving now!

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Why Use Natural Gas

Natural gas is American, abundant and affordable! It’s efficient, and the best energy choice for your family and the environment.

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