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nicor gas workers
nicor gas workers


As a trusted member of the business community, Nicor Gas has been delivering safe, reliable natural gas service to Illinois customers since 1954. 

Nicor Gas is proud to offer career opportunities to more than 2,000 talented and dedicated employees in a variety of technical, administrative and professional fields. We value employees with fresh ideas, tenacity and the drive to advance. We encourage a strong work/life balance and are committed to investing time and resources to help our employees meet their career goals while promoting our corporate values of integrity, dignity, honesty and respect.

meter reading

Meter Reader

A meter reader visits people’s homes and checks their natural gas meter to take a reading of how much natural gas is being used. This is a great job for anyone who enjoys working outdoors, getting exercise and following a similar schedule every day. Meter readers need to have a valid driver’s license.

worker standing in office

Energy Efficiency Expert

An energy efficiency expert helps people save money and energy in their homes and at work. Learning how to use natural gas efficiently when we heat our homes and cook our food helps people save money, makes buildings safer and more comfortable and is good for the environment. This is a great job for anyone who has good communication skills, wants to help the environment and enjoys learning and sharing information.

customer service advisor on computer

Customer Service Representative

A customer service representative provides assistance when a customer calls or writes about their natural gas bill, to report an odor of natural gas, or because they’re moving to a new home and want to establish natural gas service. This is a great job for anyone who enjoys interacting with people and helping customers in a variety of ways. Customer service representatives also provide immediate assistance to anyone who’s experiencing an emergency such as a natural gas leak.

man working at computer

Digital Communications Specialist

A digital communication specialist is responsible for the company’s digital communications, including websites, e-newsletters and social media. This is a great position for someone with excellent writing skills and an interest in online and digital media.

working on calculator


An accountant manages the books of the business by recording basic accounting transactions via journal entries and performing general account reconciliations. An accountant may also run reports, calculate and review financial information and provide expert advice to management. This is a great role for someone who is good with numbers and has a college degree in accounting, finance or related field.

industrial engineers working at factory


If you are a problem-solver, this may be the energy career pathway for you! There are many types of engineers, and all require a four-year college degree. Engineers use scientific and mathematical knowledge to determine the best solutions for all kinds of operations.


Help Desk Technician

Someone who knows a lot about computers and can help people fix their computers problems is known as a Help Desk Technician. A Help Desk Technician installs the right software on a computer to help others do their work.  

nicor gas worker in truck

Field Operations Mechanic

Safety is a big part of this job! A field operations mechanic responds to customer requests for service at their home or business, including turning natural gas on or off, investigating a report of a natural gas leak and occasionally replacing equipment that belongs to Nicor Gas. This is a great job for anyone who likes to work with their hands, is mechanically-inclined and also has good communication skills. A field operations mechanic drives a small utility truck.