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Glossary Of Terms

The following list provides only a brief definition of various terms. Please refer to the specific rate, Rider 6 and Terms and Conditions tariff sheets for in-depth descriptions.

Administrative Charge
A fixed charge covering Nicor Gas' administrative costs including billing, accounting and programming. This charge is applied to all Rider 25 and Rate 74 customers. The monthly charge is $23 for a single account and $10 for each member of a group, with a minimum group charge of $33.

Company-Supplied Gas
Gas the customer purchases from Nicor Gas. This includes Requested Authorized Use, company-supplied gas under FBS and Authorized Use.

Critical Day
A Critical Day can be declared any time between November 1 and April 30 when it is necessary to maintain the operational integrity of the company's system. On these days, withdrawal restrictions and Unauthorized Use will be in effect.

Customer-Owned Gas
Any gas the customer purchases from a source other than Nicor Gas. Gas is transported through our company's distribution system under transportation rates.

Distribution Charge
A charge covering our operating and financial costs, including payroll, taxes and other fixed costs not covered by the Monthly Customer Charge.

Efficiency Program Charge (Effective June 1, 2009)
Pays for the costs related to energy efficiency programs.

Environment Cost
Recovery of the costs we are incurring for the study and possible clean-up of former manufactured gas plant sites.

Franchise Cost
Covers our cost for municipal franchise agreements.

Firm Backup Service (FBS)
A quantity of gas selected by the customer that Nicor Gas will supply on any day, including a Critical Day.

Governmental Agency Adjustment
This adjustment covers governmental fees and added costs, excluding franchise costs.

Monthly Customer Charge
A fixed charge covering a portion of our costs to make gas service available.

Operational Flow Order (OFO)
The company may impose an operational Flow order in order to adequately maintain its system.  The company shall first request Customers and Suppliers to voluntarily take actions to alleviate the supply situation that is threatening operational integrity, to the extent possible.  If such voluntary actions do not alleviate the situation, the company will implement an OFO.

Qualified Infrastructure Charge
An adjustment covering the Nicor Gas Investing in Illinois program for increasing public safety through accelerating the repair, rehabilitation and replacement of portions of Illinois’ natural gas distribution system.

Requested Authorized Use
These company supplies may be requested and, if available, will be accounted for as the first gas through your meter.

Storage Banking Service (SBS)
A customer-selected capacity for storage service with a minimum level of one MDCQ-day.

Storage Withdrawals
Customer use exceeding Requested Authorized Use and customer-owned gas delivered. On a Critical Day and OFO  Shortage Days, withdrawals will be limited to 2.3 percent (1.7 percent effective June 1, 2006) of the customer's SBS capacity times any applicable Storage Withdrawal Factor (SWF).

Transportation Service Adjustment (TSA)
Credit to transportation customers for Hub revenues. Applicable to customer-owned metered usage.

Transportation Service Credit (TSC)
Credit to select transportation customers for any applicable uncollectible gas costs and storage withdrawal adjustment.