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Natural Gas Boilers

There are many reasons to install a natural gas boiler to heat your home, including easier maintenance as well as cost and environmental benefits.

Oil Boilers vs. Gas Boilers

  • Oil boilers have a complex system of operation, making repairs costly, and also require a storage tank, which has the potential to leak. Gas boilers operate much more simply. There’s no storage tank to fill so there’s no risk of running out fuel.  
  • Natural gas is a cheaper fuel than oil which runs more efficiently, leading to less costly heating bills.
  • Many gas boilers come with a heat condenser, which lowers the temperature of the air escaping from your home and puts it back to good use.
  • Gas boilers produce less carbon dioxide than oil and coal.

There are two types of boilers to choose from, both of which are highly-efficient. See which one might be right for you!

Combination Boilers

  • Constant supply of hot water with instant hot water and heating from one unit
  • Usually wall mounted, creating storage space in your home
  • Generally not recommended for homes with low water pressure

System Boilers

  • Independent central heating and hot water
  • Allows you to keep your hot water storage tank
  • Generally recommended for homes with multiple showers