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natural gas meters

Meter Service Revision Request

Form Instructions

Fill out the form below if you have an existing gas service/meter and:

  • You are adding new natural gas-fired appliances
  • The gas line in your yard is in the way of a new addition
  • You would like your gas meter moved outside
  • You need additional meters for new apartments, another location, or are subdividing an existing building

Call us at 888.642.6748 if:

  • You are demolishing a building and need the meter and service removed
  • Your meter was under water due to flooding
  • You received a letter that Nicor Gas wants to move your meter outside
  • You have questions regarding your Nicor Gas bill 

Meter Service Revision Request Form

Meter Service FAQs

What is a "BTU load" and where do I find this information?

"BTU" stands for British Thermal Unit and is the measure of how much (volume) gas your appliance requires to turn on. On most appliances, this information will be on an easy-to-find metal tag on the unit or in the appliance specification documents. Your Nicor Gas Service Representative needs this information to ensure the natural gas service line from the street and the meter are sized properly. If you are unable to find the BTU information for your appliance, please contact the equipment manufacturer.

How do I know that I need to increase pressure or determine that pressure is already greater than 1/7#?

Most residences do not require pressure above 1/7#, our standard pressure at residential meters. If you are having new appliances installed, please ask your qualified heating or plumbing professional if the appliance requires more pressure than 7" of water column (pressure requirement ranges are usually notated as X"–Y" w. c.)

Can I get a second service to my property?

No. Nicor Gas no longer runs more than one service line on the same property.

I have added an out-building (detached garage, shed) at my residence or subdivided my commercial building. Can I get additional meters?

Yes. All additional meters will be installed at the existing meter location unless there is no room to accommodate the additional meters. If there is no room for additional meters, the service line will need to be moved to where the meters can be installed.

How much will these meter/service revisions cost, and why does Nicor Gas charge?

Charges will vary depending on what needs to be done to fulfill your request. You will receive a quote of charges in a proposal contract. Nicor Gas charges for customer-requested revisions to all existing facilities. You will not be charged if Nicor Gas initiates changes for upkeep, natural gas main revisions or planned system upgrades.