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Start Services Form

Form Instructions

To begin natural gas service at your home, please fill out the form below. If you are moving and need to transfer service, fill out our Transfer Service Form instead. If you want a new service line installed at your property, please fill out our Single Meter Service Request Form.

Step 1: Where and when do you want to start service?

Please enter the new address where you want to start services.


Please note: It may take up to 48 hours to process your request. Same day requests are not available. Additionally, we will not honor requests made in the past for service dates.

If your gas meter is on, select “None” under entrance instruction. If you are not sure whether the gas is on or off, please select and fill the appropriate entrance instructions so our service team has access to all gas appliances to turn on your service.

Entrance Instructions:

Step 2: Who will be responsible for paying the natural gas service at the address indicated above?

Primary Person responsible for payment:
Secondary Person responsible for payment:

Step 3: Where would you like the bill mailed (if different from the address in Step 1)?

eBill is a convenient and secure billing option that does not require you to log in with a username and password to view your bill. You’ll use a “shared secret,” such as your ZIP code, to authenticate. Each month, you’ll receive an email with a PDF attachment of your bill which you can pay from directly. Applicable fees apply.

eBill Paperless Billing
Is your billing address the same as your service address?

Meter Reading

Nicor Gas’ Meter Modernization program has upgraded 2.2 million meters across northern Illinois. These upgraded meters, which now have a small, two-way communication devices installed, provide timely and accurate data about your natural gas use, eliminating the need for estimated meter reads and ensuring you only pay for the gas you use. The ability to read meters without the need for a field visit simplifies the process of moving properties and reduces the expense and environmental impact of our service vehicles on the road.  For more information and questions on how to begin service, simply complete our start service form or call us at 888.Nicor4u (888.642.6748).

Customer Privacy Policy

Nicor Gas is committed to protecting your privacy. We use Secure Socket Layering (SSL) to encrypt your personal information and secure online transactions. Your payment account information is retained only for the payment of your gas bill. Nicor Gas does not retain financial information for one-time payments without your permission.

Consumer protection laws protect you against the unauthorized use of your credit card. Under federal law, if someone steals your credit card number, your liability is limited to fifty dollars ($50) regardless of the amount the perpetrator charges to your account.