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Emerging Technology Program

The Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program's emerging technology initiative seeks to select and assess promising new technologies that have the potential to generate natural gas savings for Nicor Gas customers. This service aims to introduce new energy-efficient technologies and practices to the market. GTI Energy is the implementation contractor for this program.

Submit your Application

Submit applications for innovative improvements and bring your energy-efficient concepts to life.

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How it Works

The Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program searches for new products and practices that are commercially available to help bring them widespread adoption. These technologies undergo pilot assessments to provide information on their performance, operational energy savings, and would-be installation costs for future Energy Efficiency Program offerings. Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program determines the inclusion of new products in its portfolio based on pilot assessment results. Pilot assessment results are publicly posted on this website.

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Benefits of Participation

Participation in an emerging technology pilot is the first step in determining if your product or practice would be eligible for a Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program rebate. If selected for a pilot assessment, Nicor Gas will provide:

  • Assessment-related technical consulting, design, and engineering assistance.
  • Pilot host site will receive cost-share incentives for equipment and installation, depending on project specifics.
  • Monitoring and data collection to help demonstrate energy savings.
  • Project summary of results when the pilot assessment is complete.
  • Pilots that establish promising therm savings in the Nicor Gas service territory will be considered for rebate offerings. Review our current project successes to see the program in action.
  • Independent assessment results may provide validation and are publicly available for vendors to be distributed.

Pitch an Idea

Pitch an idea to us if you have a technology that you would like to pilot and meets the following participant and technology criteria:

  • A manufacturer or vendor of a new product or practice that has the potential to realize natural gas savings for Nicor Gas customers.
  • Prototype units are not eligible. Applicants should be prepared to provide functioning units for pilot assessments (subsidies for equipment or installation costs may be available).
  • Product or practice should have applications for residential, commercial and/or industrial spaces.
  • Applicants do not need to be Nicor Gas customers; however, it is preferred that pilot assessments be conducting in the Nicor Gas service territory.
  • Proposed products and practices must comply with all local, state and federal regulations.
  • Before you apply, make sure to read the program overview to better understand the application process.