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Ways to Save

We provide the education, resources and financial rebates you need to make energy use in your facility more efficient and affordable. Smart businesses have an energy strategy that reduces overhead and boost profits. 

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Nicor Gas has assessments to fit every type of organization from direct installs for small to medium commercial properties to detailed efficiency inspections in our opportunity assessment, facility assessment and retrocommissioning studies.

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Receive Rebates for Eligible Efficiency Upgrades

Nicor Gas offers a variety of rebates for space and water heating, commercial food service, steam traps, boiler tune-ups, agriculture measures and more!

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Custom Incentives for Businesses

Nicor Gas offers incentives for energy efficiency improvements that are not eligible for our standard rebates.



Learn More About How You Can Save

Assessments and Free Products

Schedule an assessment to receive free products and a personalized report on more ways you can save.

Rebates for Businesses

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