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Nicor Gas building
Nicor Gas building


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John O. Hudson III

President and CEO, Nicor Gas
Executive Vice President, Southern Company Gas

John O. Hudson, III, is a licensed attorney who serves as president and CEO of Nicor Gas, the largest natural gas distribution company in Illinois. In this role, he is responsible for ensuring that natural gas – a clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy source – reaches more than 2.2 million homes and businesses in 656 northern Illinois communities. In addition, Hudson serves as executive vice president of Southern Company Gas, where he has enterprise-wide responsibility for market strategy and new venture development across the company’s regulated utility franchises in Georgia, Illinois, Tennessee and Virginia. John also is a member of the Southern Company Gas Management Council.

Before assuming his current role, John served as executive vice president and chief external and public affairs officer at Southern Company Gas. In this role, he was responsible for the company’s External Affairs, Customer Operations, Corporate Communications, Marketing, Community Relations, Economic Development and Environmental Affairs functions. In addition, he served as president of the Southern Company Gas Foundation, which focuses on philanthropic and volunteer initiatives.


Pat Whiteside headshot

Pat Whiteside

Senior Vice President, Operations

Pat Whiteside was named senior vice president of Operations for Nicor Gas in July 2020. In this role, Pat will provide strategic leadership and direction for Nicor Gas’ core operations, including field service, distribution and automated metering infrastructure, leveraging the investments made in our people to improve the safety, quality and efficiency of our team and operations.

Anthony McCain

Vice President and Strategic Advisor to the CEO

Anthony McCain was named vice president of Nicor Gas and strategic advisor to the CEO in July 2020. In his new role, Anthony’s extensive experience in the industry and leading teams will be instrumental as he serves as strategic advisor and counsel to the CEO. He will also be responsible for overseeing program management and high-priority initiatives for Nicor Gas, as well as

enhancing and developing relationships with key internal and external stakeholders to ensure the company’s success financially and operationally.

Rich Asiyanbi

Vice President, Operations

Rich Asiyanbi was named vice president of Operations for Nicor Gas in August 2020. He is responsible for strategic leadership and direction for Nicor Gas’ core operations, including field service, distribution and meter reading.

Rich brings 23 years of diverse experience at Nicor Gas to this new role, most recently as director, Regional Operations where he was responsible for the safe and reliable delivery of natural gas service to over 250,000 customers in the Fox Valley region. Rich also served as director of Customer Care and in a variety of leadership roles in Energy Efficiency, Meter Reading, Business Systems Support and Human Resources. 

Meena Beyers

Vice President, Business and Community Development

Meena Beyers was named vice president of Business and Community Development at Nicor Gas in July 2020. In this role, she will lead strategies to strengthen our customer engagement and drive

our community and economic impact. She will oversee Community Affairs, Customer Development and Energy Efficiency, including strategic leadership of corporate giving, community engagement, workforce development, large customer services and market transformation.

Louie Binswanger headshot

Louie Binswanger

Vice President, External Affairs

Lewis (Louie) Binswanger is vice president of external affairs for Nicor Gas. In this role, he directs the company's regulatory policy, strategy and planning and is responsible for regulatory activities with the Illinois Commerce Commission. In addition, he leads the company’s legislative and governmental affairs activities, external lobbyist engagement and development of company policy to align with state legislation.

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Jim Griffin

Vice President, Operations

Griffin is responsible for providing strategic leadership and direction for Nicor Gas' core operations management and execution of field service, distribution and meter reading functions, as well as directing the production, operation and maintenance activities associated with natural gas delivery. He began his career at Nicor Gas 29 years ago as a meter reader. 

Emeka Igwilo

Chief Data Officer and Vice President, Operations Support

Emeka was named chief data officer and vice president of Operations Support in August 2020. In this role, he has responsibilities for pipeline safety and for leading the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) program which will allow Southern Company Gas to leverage data and analytics to drive system integrity, risk management, operations and more.

Emeka most recently served as vice president of Operations Support for Southern Company Gas, where he was responsible for leading the enterprise functions of leak survey, asset protection, the legacy cross-bores program and GIS to support 4.2 million customers in four states served by utilities of Southern Company Gas.

Christa Markgraff headshot

Christa Markgraff

Vice President, Operations

Christa Markgraff was named vice president of Operations for Nicor Gas in October 2016. She is responsible for day-to-day operations of the utility, including ensuring safety, compliance, operational excellence and financial performance.

Christa joined Nicor Gas in 1992 and has held previous roles in Operations, Construction, Engineering, Technical Compliance and Customer Development. In her most recent role as managing director of Project Management, Markgraff worked in tandem with Construction and Engineering to plan and execute the system improvement initiative, Investing in Illinois.