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Gas Exchange (TCIDB/DBS)

Use TCIDB/DBS to access account information, billing summary information, storage balance and usage, and MDCQ and MDN's.

Download the Gas Exchange Subscription Form


Monthly Admin Charge

View Only Customers


View Electronic Nomination Customers



New User Fee

New User Setup, Including Security



TCIDB - Monthly Charges Per Subscription

TCIDB - Contract Information (e.g. Rate, MDCQ, MDN), Summary of billing information (previous and current)



DBS Files - Monthly Charges Per Subscription

Short Flat File - provides usage only for single and linked accounts (can subscribe for individuals within a group)


Long Flat File - provides usage, nominations and storage balance for groups and singles


Long Flat File Group/Short Flat Individuals in Group - by making this request together you will not need to cancel or add short files as individuals move in or out of the group

$12.50 +$10.00

Long Text File - this is set up as a view only; data cannot be downloaded



E-Bill - Monthly Charges Per Subscription

Subscriber will receive an electronic bill for all subscribing accounts/groups and agrees to pay subscribed accounts/groups electronically, unless the respective transportation customer(s) is responsible for the Nicor Gas payment. If the customer is responsible for payment, the Subscriber must also subscribe for the duplicate billing option.

$1.00 (first 999 accounts thereafter $0.75)

Duplicate Bill– A printed bill will be mailed to the subscribing account's designated "bill mailing address" located in Nicor Gas' mainframe database. Required for those E-Bill subscribed accounts/groups where the transportation customer is responsible for remitting the Nicor Gas payment.

$0.75 monthly per copy

E-Bill/TCIDB Combined – subscriber will receive an E-Bill, as described above, in addition to gaining access to the current Transportation Customer Information Database (TCIDB) Internet application which contains contract (rate, rider, MDCQ, MDN, SBS/FBS selections) and summary billing (current and prior period) information.