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pipleline contruction in illinois

Work in Your Neighborhood

At Nicor Gas, we are committed to providing clean, safe, reliable, affordable natural gas to our Illinois customers. Part of that commitment is enhancing and expanding our natural gas pipeline infrastructure to create jobs and support economic development across the state, especially in underserved areas.

Investing in Illinois

Every customer deserves peace of mind that we’ll be there to keep their homes warm, businesses running and families safe. Investing in Illinois: A Nicor Gas System Improvement Initiative is a multi-year initiative to modernize aging natural gas infrastructure and enhance the safety and reliability of our natural gas distribution system. The improvements we are making to our infrastructure through Investing in Illinois will allow us to continue to deliver natural gas safely and reliably to our customers.

What This Means For You

As part of this program, Nicor Gas is currently working to replace aging natural gas mains and service lines with new, state-of-the-art lines. We are also moving all gas meters currently located inside homes and businesses to the outside. 

Customers impacted by these modernization efforts will be contacted by Nicor Gas, either by a newsletter highlighting the system improvements and project details, a door hanger left at their home or an in-person visit from one of Nicor Gas’ employees or contractors.

Impacted Communities

Customers in the communities where work will occur will receive a newsletter prior to the work beginning. 

See where we'll be working, or where we've recently completed work, by visiting the links below.