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Bulletin Board

Curtailment Notices

Notice to all suppliers conducting business at Nicor's city-gate

Nicor Gas strives to provide the most reliable, accurate and efficient gas nomination service to our customers. Our ability to provide this service depends on all suppliers complying with Nicor's tariff-based nomination deadlines.

All suppliers must comply with these nomination deadlines to avoid scheduling delays and possible curtailment of gas deliveries. To safeguard our customers and suppliers conducting business at our city-gate who may be adversely affected by the curtailment of gas resulting from a noncompliant supplier, Nicor Gas is posting the following Curtailment Notice:

Effective immediately, any gas supply purchased and/or sold at Nicor Gas' city-gate may be subject to full curtailment if you or your markets are unable to consistently submit an accurate Gas Exchange Nomination by Nicor Gas' normal 1:00 P.M. Central Time deadline on the business day prior to gas flow. This procedure conforms to our tariffs filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission.

Tariffs Policies and Regulatory Information

Requested Authorized Use of Gas

Fax Your requests to 630.983.8135

Fax MUST include the following information:

  • Customer Name
  • Account/Group Number
  • Transportation rate or rider number
  • Maximum Daily Contract Quantity (MDCQ)
  • Requested Authorized Use of Gas quantity requested – in therms per Gas Day to which the request applies

Please remember:

  • You must make a separate request and receive separate approval for each day of Requested Authorized Use.
  • Each Gas Day's request must be submitted to Nicor Gas no earlier than the preceding Gas Day.
  • Requests exceeding the MDCQ will NOT be authorized

If you have any questions, please call the Gas Transportation Customer Service Center during regular business hours (8:00 AM – 4:30 PM) at 630.983.4040, option 1. During non-business hours, call Gas Control at 630.983.7405.

Firm Pipeline Capacity

When contracting firm pipeline transportation capacity, it is important to determine if Nicor Gas has sufficient "take away" capacity at the point of delivery from the pipeline. At some pipeline delivery points, Nicor Gas' available "take away" capacity is limited. Attempting to deliver volumes in excess of Nicor Gas' "take away" capacity at such points, even if transported on firm transportation, will result in some or all of those volumes not being delivered to Nicor Gas.

If Nicor Gas has declared a critical day, attempting to deliver volumes in excess of Nicor Gas' "take away" capacity may result in customers incurring unauthorized use charges of $60 per MMBtu.

To prevent this potential situation, be sure to discuss it with your transporting pipeline.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the Gas Transportation Center at 630.983.4040 Option 1.

Degree Days


Heating degree days were developed as a way to relate each day's temperature to the demand for fuel to heat buildings. 

Understand more about Degree Days

Web Standards for Gas Suppliers

On an ongoing basis, Nicor Gas reviews its internal and external communications to ensure that its corporate image is consistent with its corporate values. Communication methods have quickly migrated to electronic options - especially to the internet. To this end, a review was performed on external websites that mention and/or link to Nicor Gas and its programs. The review discovered many of your sites reflecting professional website design and presentation. It also uncovered varying degrees of standards being used when referencing Nicor Gas.

Nicor Gas is grateful to those who maintain professionalism through courteous and respectful references. As a way to help our partners maintain this effort, the Company has developed web presentation standards. We appreciate your careful consideration and adherence to these guidelines:

  • When referring to Nicor Gas, please use the name Nicor Gas, not simply Nicor or some other variation. Nicor is the parent company of Nicor Gas, which is a regulated gas distribution utility. In addition, when referring to one of Nicor Gas' transportation programs, please use the registered name of the program. The customer choice program is called Customer Select. 
  • If you're describing one of Nicor Gas' programs, you may link directly to the appropriate section of Nicor Gas' website. 
  • Please make sure it is clear that you are a participating supplier in one of Nicor Gas' transportation programs, taking careful consideration not to represent your company as Nicor Gas or a part of Nicor Gas.
  • Nicor Gas' logo is a trademark and may not be used on your website without the prior written authorization of the Company. Although Nicor Gas supports the Customer Select program and its traditional transportation programs, it does not want to give the false impression of endorsing any one supplier over the others. 
  • Please do not quote Nicor Gas personnel on your website without prior written authorization by the Company. Again, we don't want to give the impression of endorsing any one supplier over the others.
  • For other supplier standards of conduct related to the Customer Select program, please refer to the Standards of Conduct list in Rider 16 (beginning on Sheet No. 75.9).

Please make any necessary changes to your website as soon as possible. Nicor Gas will routinely review supplier sites to ensure compliance with these guidelines. Thank you again for your assistance with this important effort.

If you have any questions regarding Nicor Gas' web protocol, please feel free to contact the following individuals: