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Additional Resources

Continue on your path toward energy efficiency. 

External Resources

Installing energy efficient equipment in your home is just the first step toward a more sustainable lifestyle. Below are links to websites where others in your community, state and all over the country are reducing their carbon footprint.

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Calculators, Equipment Fact Sheets and Case Studies

Nicor Gas offers an ever-expanding library of resources as part of our ongoing effort to build and share a foundation of energy efficiency expertise.

Estimating Your Savings with Calculators

Please note: Savings figures are estimates only and are in no way guaranteed by the Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program. Estimated savings serve solely as an example of the therm and dollar savings that may be achieved by upgrading to high efficiency. Actual savings will vary, and depend on other factors not considered in these calculations. Rebates are available to eligible Nicor Gas customers for the purchase and installation of qualifying equipment. Additional requirements apply.

**Always consult your contractors and/or engineers for additional project-specific analysis and expected outcomes on energy efficient improvements.