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Pricing & Rate Plans

We want you to be informed about your rate options. 

Rate 1 - Residential Service Rate

This rate is available to any single-family residential Customer using the Company's gas service primarily for residential purposes.

Current Cost of Gas

May 2024 = 34 cents per therm
April 2024 = 34 cents per therm
March 2024 = 37 cents per therm

Every month, we file a gas supply charge with the Illinois Commerce Commission. It is the price customers pay for gas purchased from Nicor Gas. As a regulated utility, Nicor Gas does not profit from the sale of natural gas. The price we pay for gas is passed on to our customers without markup.

Customer Select

Customer Select® is all about choices. It's a voluntary, free program offered by Nicor Gas that allows you to choose your natural gas supplier. Depending on the supplier, you will find some offers that lock in your natural gas price and others that compete with Nicor Gas' monthly gas supply charges. By comparing offers and making the choice that's best for you, you may be able to save money on the cost of your natural gas.**

**Savings may depend on several factors including the amount of gas you use, the terms of your agreement with your supplier, and the natural gas market.

Whether you choose a new supplier or continue purchasing your gas from Nicor Gas, you're still a valued Nicor Gas customer! We will continue to deliver your gas through our reliable pipeline system, and we'll respond to all natural gas emergencies. To obtain more information about the residential and small commercial choice program, you may contact the Illinois Commerce Commission at 800.524.0795 or by visiting the Commission's website at

Factors that Impact the Cost of Gas

Natural gas is a commodity. And its price goes up and down according to supply and demand across the country. There are several factors that influence supply and demand, such as the economy and weather, and these factors ultimately set the price of gas.

The national factors impacting supply are:

Generally, natural gas production has kept pace with rising demand; however, the national market price of natural gas can increase, sometimes greatly, as a result of short-term supply disruptions.

Storage levels of natural gas on a national level have a dramatic impact on gas costs. Colder than normal weather, particularly early in the heating season, could cause storage levels to be drawn down at an accelerated pace this winter, further impacting prices.

The national factors impacting demand are:

Weather has the strongest impact on gas prices and is also the most difficult to predict. Not only do weather conditions in the Midwest impact natural gas prices, but so does weather throughout the country, particularly the eastern U.S. where there is large potential for natural gas consumption.

Economic factors can cause some industries to lose business to foreign competitors, impacting U.S. industrial production. Decreased industrial demand for natural gas could have a moderating effect on gas prices.

Rate Book Information

Rates and Riders

Nicor Gas has its Rates and Riders on file with the Illinois Commerce Commission (I.C.C.) and they are also listed in our Schedule of Rates for Gas Service (I.C.C. No. 16) – also called our Rate Book. A number of Riders on file with the I.C.C. are updated monthly, including Rider 6 – the Gas Supply Cost (GSC). Updates to information sheets are posted on the first of each month.

Current Rates & Riders

Rate 1 - Residential Service
Rate 4 - General Service
Rate 5 - Seasonal Use Service
Rate 6 - Large General Service
Rate 7 - Large Volume Service
Rate 10 - Compressed Natural Gas - CANCELED
Rate 11 - Energy Service - CANCELED
Rate 17 - Contract Service
Rate 19 - Contract Service for Electric Generation
Rate 21 - Interruptible Transportation and Storage Services
Rate 74 - General Transportation Service
Rate 75 - Seasonal Use Transportation Service
Rate 76 - Large General Transportation Service
Rate 77 - Large Volume Transportation Service
Rate 81 - General Renewable Gas Interconnection Service Pilot
Rate 82 - General Renewable Gas Interconnection Service

Associated Riders

Rider 1 - Customer Charge Adjustment

Rider 1 History - History of Utility Assessment Recovery Charge Information Sheets

Rider 1 Info – Utility Assessment Recovery Charge Information Sheet

Rider 2 - Franchise Cost Adjustment

Rider 2 History - History of Franchise Cost Adjustment Information Sheets

Rider 2 Info  - Franchise Cost Adjustment Information Sheets

Rider 3 - Invested Capital Tax Adjustment

Rider 3 History - History of Invested Capital Tax Adjustment Information Sheet

Rider 3 Info – Invested Capital Tax Adjustment Information Sheet

Rider 4 - Gas Cost Performance Program - CANCELED

Rider 5 - Storage Service Cost Recovery

Rider 5 History - History of Rider 5 Information Sheets

Rider 5 Info - Storage Service Cost Recovery Information Sheet

Rider 6 - Gas Supply Cost

Rider 6 History - History of Rider 6 Information Sheets

Rider 6 Info - Gas Supply Cost Information Sheet

Rider 7 - Governmental Agency Compensation Adjustment

Rider 7 History - History of Rider 7 Information Sheets

Rider 7 Info - Governmental Agency Compensation Adjustment Information Sheet

Rider 8 - Adjustments for Municipal and State Utility Taxes

Rider 8 History - History of Rider 8 Information Sheets

Rider 8 Info - Adjustments for Municipal and State Utility Taxes Information Sheets

Rider 9 - Air Conditioning Service - CANCELED

Rider 10 - Alternate Fuel Service - CANCELED

Rider 11 - Thermal Content of Gas Supplied

Rider 11 History - History of Rider 11 Information Sheets

Rider 11 Info - Thermal Content of Gas Supplied Information Sheet

Rider 12 - Environmental Cost Recovery

Rider 12 History - History of Rider 12 Information Sheets

Rider 12 Info - Environmental Cost Recovery Information Sheet

Rider 13 - Supplier Transportation Service

Rider 14 - Controlled Attachment Plan

Rider 15 - Customer Select Program

Rider 16 - Supplier Aggregation Service

Rider 25 - Firm Transportation Service

Rider 26 - Uncollectible Expense Adjustment

Rider 26 History - History of Rider 26 Information Sheets

Rider 26 Info - Uncollectible Expense Adjustment Information Sheet

Rider 28 - Residential Payment Assistance Programs

Rider 29 - Energy Efficiency Plan

Rider 29 History  - History of Rider 29 Information Sheets

Rider 29 Info - Energy Efficiency Plan Information Sheet

Rider 30 - Energy Efficiency Plan Cost Recovery

Rider 30 History - History of Rider 30 Information Sheets

Rider 30 Info - Energy Efficiency Plan Cost Recovery Information Sheet

Rider 31 - On-Bill Financing Program

Rider 32 - Qualified Infrastructure Plant

Rider 32 History - History of Rider 32 Information Sheet

Rider 32 Info - Qualified Infrastructure Plant Information Sheet

Rider 33 - Designated Extension Service Area

Rider 33 InfoDesignated Extension Service Area Information Sheet

Rider 34 - Supplier Firm Transportation Service

Rider 36 - Variable Income Tax Adjustment

Rider 36 History - History of Variable Income Tax Adjustment Information Sheet

Rider 36 Info – Variable Income Tax Adjustment Information Sheet

Rider 38 - Volume Balancing Adjustment

Rider 38 History – History of Rider 38 Information Sheet

Rider 38 Info – Volume Balancing Adjustment Information Sheet

Rider 39 - Special Purpose Charge

Rider 39 History – History of Rider 39 Information Sheet

Rider 39 Info – Special Purpose Charge Information Sheet

Rider 40 - TotalGreen

Rider 40 History - History of TotalGreen Information Sheet 

Rider 40 Info - TotalGreen Information Sheet

FAQ About Gas Cost

What is this month's cost of gas?

The cost of gas can vary greatly from month-to-month.
Visit monthly to stay informed on the latest price and view Rider 6 for historical gas prices.

Is Nicor Gas setting the price of natural gas?

No. Natural gas is a commodity and its price is determined by the market, based on several factors:

When Nicor Gas buys gas on your behalf and delivers it to your business, we charge you exactly what we paid for it – we are not allowed to mark it up, by regulation of the Illinois Commerce Commission.

What is Nicor Gas doing to manage fluctuations in natural gas prices?

1. Natural gas is a commodity, so prices fluctuate based on several factors. We have taken action to help lessen the impact of market prices by filling our underground storage fields during summer months when gas prices have typically been lower, using financial purchasing instruments and hedging. Taken together, these actions account for about three-quarters of the gas needed for the winter season.

2. We have developed a new Bill Planning Guide that will help you get an idea of what your upcoming bills might be.

3. Nicor Gas offers payment programs, such as the budget plan that allows you to spread your payments over a 12-month period, with adjustments up or down every four months to correct for future gas prices and your usage. Your monthly bill must be less than $4,000 to qualify.

Where can I get more information on gas prices?

Visit the gas rates and costs section of this site. There you will find the most up-to-date information including the current cost of gas, energy-saving tips, press releases on the cost of gas, and payment information.