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Fraud Protection

We care about the personal safety and financial security of our employees and customers. Scammers commonly disguise themselves as Nicor Gas representatives. We are aware that customers are currently receiving calls in which the caller is identifying themselves as Nicor Gas asking for your personal information or payment method by phone. If you receive one of these calls, please hang up and contact our customer team to report.

Please be assured that your personal information and data are safe, and that we’re working hard to source and stop this scam. Protect yourself and learn how to spot scams below. If you've been the victim of a scam, scroll down and fill out the ID Theft Affidavit.

Utility Bill Management Scam Alert

What is the scam?

  • Private companies or individuals unaffiliated with Nicor Gas are posing as “utility bill management” companies offering to manage customer bills on their behalf.
  • These companies place the utility account in their own name, rather than the owner’s/occupant’s name so the owner/occupant will not receive any correspondence from the utility.
  • Fraudulent companies then collect money from the owner/occupant without forwarding those bill payments to Nicor Gas.
  • Affected accounts remain unpaid and the owner or occupant is unaware because bill correspondence is sent to the management company. Unpaid accounts will result in service disruptions to the owner or occupant.

How can you protect yourself?

Always verify that utility bill management companies are timely and fully paying your utility bill (the utility bill management company should provide you upon request with a copy of the bill for your premises evidencing full and timely payments). When in doubt, contact us or your local law enforcement.

Stop scammers by knowing their game

Your personal safety and financial security are important!

Scammers are getting creative and in In recent years have expanded their schemes into digital spaces like social media. It’s up to all of us to be vigilant to keep our personal and financial information safe.

Nicor Gas and the entire Southern Company Gas family of companies have joined 130 U.S. and Canadian energy companies to expose scams, red flags and how customers can protect themselves.

Nicor Gas will never use aggressive or intimidating tactics to pressure you into making a payment toward your natural gas bill. If you experience the following, please contact our customer team to report.

  • Threatens to cut off natural gas service if payment is not made within a short timeframe
  • Requests that payments be made from a single method, such as a debit card, pre-paid card or checking account
  • Claims you have overpaid and your banking account or credit card number is needed for a refund
  • Informs you of a need to vacate your home or business so that a meter or other natural gas equipment can be serviced or replaced
  • Suggests on social media that their bill will be covered by a charity after they make a partial payment by way of a wire transfer

By phone:

When a customer service representative contacts a customer by phone regarding the status of their account or to discuss payment, they will identify themselves as a Nicor Gas employee. 

You can verify legitimacy by requesting that the representative confirm information about your account that only you and Nicor Gas would know. For example:

  • The date of last payment
  • The amount of the last payment
  • Account number

By email:

We will never ask for account or credit card information in an email. Customers can safely access and make changes to their account information and payment methods using our My Account online portal.


When a field service representative or one of our contractors visits your home or business, they'll wear branded uniforms so that it's easy for you to identify that it's us. 

All clothing features our name and logo, and our employees will always provide Nicor Gas identification.

  • Navy work pants 
  • A variety of beige shirts
  • Navy jackets and hats 
  • Neon yellow safety vests

As an additional safety measure, please sign up to receive our Keep Me Informed appointment status text messages can access a photo of the technician assigned to perform work at their property.

Customers who suspect or experience fraud should contact local authorities, then call the customer care center phone number listed on their billing statement. And, customers who want to confirm that a Nicor Gas representative is scheduled to perform work at their premise should contact our customer care center at 888.642.6748.

Instructions for completing the ID Theft Affidavit

Fill out the ID Theft Affidavit and submit via fax to 630.388.3863 or via US Mail to PO Box 190, Aurora, IL 60507. When you send the affidavit via US Mail, attach copies (NOT originals) of any supporting documents (for example, driver’s license or police report). Before submitting your affidavit, review the disputed account(s) with family members or friends who may have information about the account(s) or access to them.