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Illinois rural area

Investing in Illinois: A Nicor Gas System Improvement Initiative is a multi-year infrastructure enhancement program that is expected to foster economic growth while enhancing the safety and reliability of our natural gas delivery and storage systems. From replacing hundreds of miles of pipeline to moving natural gas meters to the outside of homes and businesses, Investing in Illinois accelerates the rate at which we can upgrade our infrastructure that stores and delivers natural gas to our 2.2 million customers in more than 650 communities throughout northern Illinois. 

We’ve built a team to partner with you from idea to ribbon cutting. We have one goal and that is locate, stay and grow in Illinois. Meet our team helping to navigate from where you are to where you want to be.

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Nicor Gas and NextSite have partnered to bring cost effective commercial development recruitment solutions to Nicor Gas' service area communities.

NextSite utilizes a holistic approach to commercial development. This approach includes robust market analysis, market specific target identification, and relationships with developers and tenant representatives who drive the development process. Over the past five years, NextSite has partnered with several utility companies with an impressive track record of affecting positive economic impacts in communities they serve.

Intersect Illinois

We bring new jobs, investment and economic prosperity to Illinois through dynamic partnerships and collaborations with companies, universities, organizations and the government to deliver a unified approach to economic development.

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Nicor Gas joins Governor JB Pritzker to welcome $2 billion EV battery manufacturing plant to Illinois

Nicor Gas President and CEO Wendell Dallas joined Illinois Governor JB Pritzker, ComEd CEO Gil Quiniones and other economic development leaders and dignitaries to welcome Gotion’s new state-of-the-art $2 billion electric vehicle (EV) lithium battery manufacturing plant to Manteno.

Gotion's decision was bolstered by an REV Illinois (Reimagining Energy and Vehicles) incentive package and the new Invest in Illinois fund.

Have an Economic Development Lead?

Use the materials about natural gas and Nicor Gas below that speak to our community commitment.

Thomas E Stovall

Thomas E Stovall, Manager

Thomas joined Nicor from the public sector serving in various roles and capacities for the City of Chicago City Council. He oversaw economic and community development in historic Southside neighborhoods throughout his tenure.

Erskine “Chuck” Faush

Erskine 'Chuck' Faush, Director

Erskine has public and non-profit experience serving as Chief of Staff for Birmingham, Alabama, leading community & economic development capital projects and teams.

Erskine “Chuck” Faush

Jocelyn Hernandez, Specialist

Jocelyn has five years of experience working with natural gas utilities in marketing, project management, field operations, and economic development.