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Customer Select

Customer Select® is all about choices. It's a voluntary, free program offered by Nicor Gas that allows you to choose your natural gas supplier. Depending on the supplier, you will find some offers that lock in your natural gas price and others that compete with Nicor Gas' monthly gas supply charges. By comparing offers and making the choice that's best for you, you may be able to save money on the cost of your natural gas.**

**Savings may depend on several factors including the amount of gas you use, the terms of your agreement with your supplier, and the natural gas market.

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Participating Suppliers

Whether you choose a new supplier or continue purchasing your gas from Nicor Gas, you're still a valued Nicor Gas customer! We will continue to deliver your gas through our reliable pipeline system, and we'll respond to all natural gas emergencies. To obtain more information about the residential and small commercial choice program, you may contact the Illinois Commerce Commission at 800.524.0795 or by visiting the Commission's website at Are you a participating supplier or interested in becoming a supplier?

How it Works

Since natural gas is a commodity, its price varies daily based on the effects of weather, supply and demand. Because prices change so much, it's important to look at your gas cost for a full year or two, not just for one month.The cost of your natural gas supply currently makes up about 75 to 80 percent of your annual gas bill; the rest is delivery charges and taxes. Nicor Gas' cost for natural gas changes every month, and all customers are charged the same price per therm. Nicor Gas files a Gas Supply Charge each month with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC), which regulates all Illinois utilities.Prices charged by the participating suppliers, as well as the terms and conditions of their contracts with you, are not regulated by the ICC. Because of this, suppliers are able to create a variety of pricing offers. You should talk to different suppliers to find out about their pricing options, services, incentives, and/or promotions.Your Nicor Gas account information can also help you compare your past costs with other suppliers. To see your gas use and cost history, click on My Account.

How to Sign Up

1. Review the supplier list and choose the suppliers you would like to contact.

2. Call the suppliers and ask about their offers. Be sure to ask any other questions that you may have.

3. Choose the supplier that offers the best package for you, your family, or your business. Keep in mind that your account number is confidential. Only share this information with the supplier you've chosen.

4. Sign up with the supplier of your choice. You will receive information confirming your decision from both the supplier and Nicor Gas. There will be a 14-day waiting period before your account can be activated. You will then begin receiving natural gas from your new supplier after your next meter reading. Your natural gas service will not be interrupted at any time during this process, and no one needs to come to your home.

Supplier Pricing Offers

Fixed Price

This type of contract offers stability. You pay the same price per therm for natural gas or the same amount every month for a set period of time. Changes in the market price of natural gas should not affect the price you pay. If market prices go up, you're locked in at a lower rate. But if market prices go down, you'll still pay the locked in amount.

Market-Based or Index Price

Under these plans, the price you pay for natural gas can change each month. The supplier sets the monthly price per therm based on one or more natural gas market indicators. Since gas prices can change over a year, you can expect your price to fall when market prices fall. Your price can also go up when market prices go up.

Variable Price

This offer is similar to a market-based offer. The price per therm may go up or down with market trends. But this type of offer may not necessarily be tied to a market index. For example, it may be based on the supplier's average cost to purchase natural gas.

Combination Packages

Customers of public electric utilities in Illinois can also choose their electric supplier. Some suppliers may offer packages that include both gas and electric.

Customer Select FAQ

Can I sign up for Customer Select online?

You cannot sign up with a supplier using this Web site. However, you may be able to sign up online by visiting your chosen supplier's Web site. Visit our list of participating suppliers for supplier information, including links to suppliers' Web sites.

Who do I call about a problem or emergency?

Call Nicor Gas at 888.Nicor4U (642.6748). As always, we are responsible for the safe and reliable delivery of your gas. If you have a question or problem with the bill for your natural gas supply, you should call your supplier directly. If you aren't able to resolve your question with your supplier, then call Nicor Gas.

What if I want to change suppliers?

Under Customer Select, you can change suppliers at any time, or resume service with Nicor Gas. However, you may be subject to penalties or exit fees from your supplier, depending on the terms of your contract. To withdraw from the program, you should notify your supplier. Once you return to service with Nicor Gas, you will have 120 days to choose another supplier or you will remain on Nicor Gas service for one year.

What can you tell me about the participating suppliers?

All suppliers are certified by the Illinois Commerce Commission and must meet certain business and credit standards. This includes a code of conduct related to telemarketing practices, handling of customer complaints, maintaining adequate gas supply and pipeline capacity, and obeying truth-in-advertising laws.

What if I move?

If you move within Nicor Gas' service territory, your Customer Select contract will move with you. If you move outside Nicor Gas' territory, your participation in Customer Select automatically ends.

Will I be billed any additional charges from Nicor Gas if I participate in Customer Select?

There is no increased cost to participate from Nicor Gas. However, you will see two new line items on your Nicor Gas bill if you choose to participate in Customer Select – a Customer Select Charge and a Transportation Service Credit.The Customer Select Charge recovers the costs from pipelines to assist in the daily balancing of gas supplies on Nicor Gas' system. The Customer Select Charge is not an additional cost for Customer Select participants – customers buying their gas from Nicor Gas pay this charge as part of their overall Gas Supply Charge. The Customer Select Charge is billed to customers based on usage. The rate may change each month and it is filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission.The Transportation Service Credit is a credit for certain costs that are included in our distribution rates that are not incurred by Customer Select customers – such as some uncollectible expenses and storage costs. It is credited to customers based on usage.

Will I receive one bill or two?

It depends. Some suppliers will put their charges right on your Nicor Gas bill. Or, they could include Nicor Gas' charges on their bill. In either case, you'll only get one bill. The supplier also has the option to bill you directly for their charges. In this case, you'll get a second bill from Nicor Gas with our charges. Be sure to ask suppliers about how they bill. Also, ask them about their payment terms and credit policies.

Can I still use Nicor Gas' Budget Plan and electronic funds transfer under Customer Select?

Yes, although your Budget Plan amount will only apply to the utility delivery charges on your bill. If you'd like to sign up for either one of these options, call us at 888.Nicor4U (642.6748) or check the Budget Plan box on your payment stub. Also, be sure to ask suppliers about any payment options they might offer.

What can I do if I don't want to be solicited by Customer Select Suppliers?

If you prefer not to receive information or solicitations from suppliers, you may contact Nicor Gas via email at and ask to be added to our "Do Not Contact List".