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Chicago Hub

Is your company looking for more ways to move, park and borrow natural gas? Operating as the center for gas transportation solutions, the Chicago Hub® offers customers new alternatives in natural gas transportation and storage services.

The Chicago Hub® is your link to a vast network of natural gas resources.

Between our pipeline connections and storage capabilities behind the city gate, we provide what no other company in the Midwest can offer. We can help your company eliminate pipeline imbalance penalties and enjoy efficient transactions all while continuing to deliver unconditional personal service.

We have direct connections with eight major interstate pipelines:

  • ANR Pipeline Company (ANR) 
  • Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America (NGPL)
  • Northern Border Pipe Line (NBPL)
  • Northern Natural Gas Company (NNG)
  • Midwestern Gas Transmission Company (Midwestern)
  • Alliance Pipeline (APL)
  • Panhandle Eastern Pipeline Company
  • Horizon Pipeline (NGPL/Nicor)

Our services are provided at regulated rates and are made possible through the use of under-utilized capacity at Nicor Gas' seven underground storage facilities and its transmission network.

For more information about the Chicago Hub®, call or email:

Debbie Santolin

Claire Barr

Chicago Hub Regulatory & Contract Information

Hub Tariffs
Interstate Chicago Hub® services are operated under the jurisdiction of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Services that occur entirely within Nicor Gas' system, without interstate exchanges or displacements, or services where gas is delivered directly to another local distribution company located within the state of Illinois are operated under the jurisdiction of the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC).

Interstate Services
See our current FERC Operating Statement (PDF) for available interstate hub services, rates, and terms and conditions.

Nicor Gas applies a Storage Loss Gas Adjustment (SLGA) percentage to gas received from Hub customers for injection into storage under Rate 21, Intrastate Transportation and Storage Services, thereby reducing the amount of gas placed into a customer’s storage account. Per the Rate 21 tariff, the SLGA percentage is determined annually.

Nicor Gas has made its annual determination of the SLGA and the percentage will be set at 0.63%. The SLGA will be applied to storage and imbalance resolution transactions for new Rate 21 transactions entered into on and after September 1, 2023.

For Hub customers contracting for storage services under the authority of Nicor Gas' Operating Statement on file with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the SLGA will remain at 0.47% and Fuel will remain at 0.41%.

Intrastate Services
See our currently effective Rate 21 (PDF) and our currently effective Terms and Conditions (PDF) for available intrastate hub services, rates, and terms and conditions.

Hub Contract Forms
To conduct business at the Chicago Hub®, shippers enter into interstate or intrastate Hub Service Agreements with Nicor Gas as appropriate for the services they seek to obtain. Shippers seeking intrastate services from Nicor Gas must also sign an affidavit stating that all gas tendered under the intrastate Hub Service Agreement will be consumed within the State of Illinois. Once the appropriate Hub Service Agreement(s) are in place, Nicor Gas Hub Administration can offer specific services that are documented and agreed to on individual Transaction Request and Agreement forms. Blank samples of each of these documents are available below: