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Gas Exchange

Gas Exchange provides a wealth of specific information for use by suppliers and non-residential gas transportation end-users.

Nomination System

This web-based system is used by suppliers to submit nominations electronically through the online application or using the batch file option.


This is a web-based feature primarily for suppliers and end-users looking to gain access to account information, billing summary information, storage balance and usage, MDCQ and MDN's. 

Open Access

This web-based feature allows suppliers to access current and prospective customer transcripts, statements and billing information, with proper authorization from the customer.

Bulletin Board

This includes information on OFO/Critical Day, Gas Advisories and other important notices.

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Chicago Hub

Is your company looking for more ways to move, park and borrow natural gas? If so, your search is over because you can't beat the transportation and storage flexibility that the Chicago Hub® offers.

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Composition of Natural Gas

Monthly report and historical report of the composition of natural gas as reported by pipelines. If you are a residential customer, please visit the Residential section of our website to find information that might be of more interest to you.