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The Budget Plan Terms and Conditions

The Budget Plan is a convenient way to keep your Nicor Gas account current. Nicor Gas calculates your monthly Budget Plan payment (which is shown on your bill stub) by estimating your gas use and gas prices for the next year and adjusting for any current balance on your account. We then divide this amount by 12 to arrive at your monthly Budget Plan payment amount.

Approximately every four (4) months, we will reevaluate your Budget Plan payment amount to determine if it is in line with your actual usage and future gas costs. If an adjustment is needed (either up or down), it is automatically made and will appear on your next bill statement. You may pay more than your Budget Plan payment amount at any time.

If you miss a Budget Plan installment and your account has an overall budget deficit, a late payment charge  will be assessed. The late payment charge shall be computed on the late installment only, not on the accumulated deficit amount. If you fall two Budget Plan payments behind, you will be removed from the Budget Plan. You may be reinstated in the plan once during the 12-month period by paying any unpaid Budget Plan installments.