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Nomination System

Suppliers can use the Nicor Gas Nomination System to submit nominations online. You must be registered with our Transportation Department to use this service. To register, contact or call 630.983.4040, option 1.

This online system replaces the Electronic Nomination System and does not require software download. To use the new system, please review the job aids and training demonstrations below.

Job Aids and Training Demonstrations

Job aids and training demonstrations will help you learn the Nicor Gas Exchange Nomination System. The job aids are designed to work with the training demonstrations.

Evening Cycle Updates Webinar

Training Demonstrations

These step-by-step movies (Flash Player required) cover all the menus and sub-menus of the Nicor Gas Nomination System. These demonstrations do not contain sound.

Job Aids by Nomination (Transaction) Type

Job Aids by Module

Log-In and Passwords

Company Module

Contract Module

Nomination Model

Report Model

Supplier IDs

Nicor Gas has compiled a list of producers and suppliers based on business contacts and its review of trade periodicals.

Nicor Gas has not investigated the history, reliability, financial conditions or any other qualifications of those parties. It also has no independent knowledge of the access of these parties to natural gas. Nicor Gas makes no representations, expressed or implied, as to these parties.

Before you enter into any contract, Nicor Gas recommends that you investigate both the financial history and qualifications of the seller and the terms and conditions of any contracts you may be asked to sign.

FAQ: Training & Implementation of the Exchange Nomination System

Question Regarding Paths

What is a Title Transfer Path?

A Title Transfer Path enables broker-to-broker deals at City Gate. You will only need to create paths for brokers with whom you allocate gas.

If an end date is entered on a path, can that date be deleted?

Yes, you can delete the end date on the Path Update page.

Will each one of my end users need a path?

The end user paths are created using Affidavits. You will need to create an Affidavit for each end user, end user group, and Customer Select® group for each pipeline that you nominate.

Have the paths already been created or do we need to create them?

All of your contracts have been created. You will create your paths and Affidavits.

Do you need to create new paths every month?

Once you create a path, it will not need to be re-created. You will only need to create new paths when you have new end users, hub contracts, or trading partners.

When selling to Nicor Gas what delivery point do we select?

Select NIGAS at the bottom of the drop down list.

Questions Regarding Nominations

Another shipper is causing me to be out-of-balance. How can this be corrected?

Check your Pool Summary Report to verify the gas that has been allocated to you from other shippers. If any of these amounts are incorrect, contact the shipper and have them change their nomination.

When I receive the error that my nomination exceeds the contract MDQ for an end user, will I see who nominated the earlier volume?

No, you will not see the supplier who nominated the earlier amount. To rectify this situation, you should first review your allocations across pipelines to verify that you have not already nominated to the end user. You should then contact the customer and work with them to determine why the MDQ has been exceeded.  

What time is the nomination window open?

You can nominate at anytime. All nominations must be received by 11:30am CT, one business day prior to the Gas Day.

Will current nominations be copied into the new system or will the user need to build them?

Current nominations will not be copied into the new system. You will create all nominations starting with Gas Day August 20th. You may begin creating these nominations on August 11th.

Will we be able to make changes to the nominations on the weekend now? Will all nominations for the weekend still need to be in by 11:30am CT each Friday?

You will not be able to make changes to the nominations on the weekend. The nominations will still need to be in by 11:30am CT on Friday.

Is there functionality to block erroneous pool receipts?

No. If you see erroneous pool receipts on your Pool Summary Report, contact the shipper.

Will we be able to do intraday nominations in the new system?

No, all nominations must be in by 11:30am CT, one business day prior to the Gas Day.

Does our IT department need to set up anything for us to nominate?

If you plan to nominate using external batch nominations, your IT department will need to set up the file. They will also need to verify that you have Internet Explorer.

Is an end date required for all nominations even if no changes are made from one day to another?

All nominations require an end date. You can nominate for up to 1 month at a time.

How can we check to make sure we match with our counterparts?

Check your Pool Summary Report to determine if you are in balance.

Do I have to repeat the nomination steps for every end user nomination? In the current system, I can “copy” the previous nomination and then make my changes.

You will need to nominate for every end user. You can nominate for up to 1 calendar month at a time.

Will we have to manually enter cuts?

You can manually enter cuts or you can enter them through a Batch Nomination.

Are there Title Transfer fees?

There are no title transfer fees.

Questions Regarding Batch File Nominations

Can I create my Affidavits in Batch File mode?

No, you will need to create your Affidavits manually. 

How do we create the batch nominations for upload?

Reference the Gas Nomination External Batch Program Specification job aid.

If I submit a batch file nom for 8/1 – 8/31 and I need to update for 8/2 – 8/31, do I just send a nom for the new dates? Will this update the previous nom?

Yes, the new nomination will update the previous nomination.

Can we get a sample of a batch file?

Below is an example of a batch file.

If I submit a batch nom transaction, will the deadline still be 11:30 am CT?

Yes, the deadline is 11:30 CT, one business day prior to the Gas Day.

Do we have to upload batch information or can we do nominations by hand?

You can enter nominations by hand. 

Does upload equal EDI – Electronic Date Interchange?

No, the batch file nomination option is not in EDI format.

Questions Regarding Broker IDs/Searching Brokers

Does the company name show up anywhere or just broker ID?

Only the Broker ID will display.

Will the 4 digit company code stay the same?

The Broker IDs will be the same as in the old system.

If we put the broker name in the package ID field, can we search based on that?

No, you can not search on the Package ID field.

Questions Regarding Contracts

Consumers Energy requires the contract number for off-system supplies. Do you require this? Do you confirm by contract number or DUNS (Data Universal Numbering System)?

We do not require a pipeline contract number. We confirm by the nominating entity.

Are new contracts requested and executed online?

Gas Transportation end user contracts are posted online, but they will continue to be handled using the current process.

Questions Regarding Affadavits

Does the system automatically generate the contract codes for Affidavits?

Yes, the contract code is based on a combination of the end user information and your Supplier ID.

Do we need to create an Affidavit for every end user?

Yes, you will create an Affidavit for every end user during the week of August 11th through August 18th.

Will each one of my end users need a path?

The end user paths will be created using Affidavits. You will need to create an Affidavit for each end user, end user group, and customer select group on each pipeline that you will nominate.

How do we go about getting the contract codes for new single account end users?

When you contract with a new single account end user, download the new Nicor Single Account End User contract at: When you receive your confirmation, the contract code will be listed at the bottom of the page. 

Questions Regarding Administrators/Users

Can we have more than one administrator?

Yes, you can designate as many administrators as necessary.

Questions Regarding Reports

How far back can I go if I would like to pull an old report?

Information will be stored in the system beginning on August 20th. Reports will always be available for that Gas Day and beyond.

When will the schedule and allocated volumes be available?

Nicor will be scheduling and allocating throughout the day. You can view you Pool Summary Report at 11:30am CT to verify your submitted nominations.