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Customer Select® Participating Suppliers

The suppliers have provided this information. Nicor Gas does not endorse or recommend any specific supplier.

Ambit Energy

Phone: 877.282.6248

Ambit Energy is committed to being the finest, most respected energy service providers in the market. Utilizing our years of experience and access to highly economic natural gas supply, we are dedicated to helping customers control their monthly energy costs and providing top-notch customer support day-in, day-out.

American Power and Gas of IL, LLC

Phone: 888.815.6971

American Power & Gas is here to serve you. As Customer Choice leaders for the last 15 years, we pride ourselves in our knowledge, service and expertise in providing energy solutions. Our affordable plans put the power of choosing back in your hands. Choosing our services means choosing the best for your family.

Champion Energy Services

Phone: 888.653.0087

Houston-based Champion Energy Services is one of the fastest-growing and largest retail electric providers (REP) in the nation and one of the top REPs never to have been affiliated with a utility. Champion Energy currently serves residential, governmental, commercial and industrial customers in deregulated electric energy markets in Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey and Maryland and began serving natural gas to customers in Illinois in 2012.

Constellation Energy

Phone: 800.785.4373

Direct Energy Services, LLC

Phone: 866.266.2084

Direct Energy is one of North America’s largest retail providers of electricity, natural gas and energy-related services to over three million homes and business. It is part of NRG Energy (NYSE: NRG), a leading integrated energy company working to bring the power of energy to people and organizations across North America. Direct Energy, its subsidiaries and/or affiliates, operate in 50 U.S. states plus the District of Columbia and 8 provinces in Canada.

Energy Harbor, LLC

Phone: 888.254.6359

Energy Harbor is a privately held, financially secure energy producer and retail energy supplier. Energy Harbor offers long-term fixed rate plans with competitive pricing for homes and businesses. We proudly serve nearly one million residential, commercial and industrial customers with a focus on best-in-class safety and operations. We operate a fleet of generation units in multiple states and employ a talented workforce of 2,600 dedicated employees.

Energy Rewards

Phone: 844.737.3227

Launched through a strategic partnership with Comcast, Energy Rewards offers residential electricity and natural gas supply plan options to Comcast customers across several of the states Comcast operates in.

Frontier Utilities Northeast, LLC

Phone: 866.777.5158

Frontier Utilities’ mission is to create superior value and satisfaction for our customers, employees, communities and investors through the sale and supply of energy and related services. We are committed to providing the highest standards of service, innovation, integrity and financial performance within a supportive, collegial, and solutions-oriented work environment. Frontier is a private company with sales and operations in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois and Texas.

Future Now Energy, LLC

Phone: 855.255.3616

Future Now Energy's mission is to provide residential and commercial customers with a stable, well-priced natural gas alternative. We are a full-service energy supplier serving customers in North America including Illinois, Ohio and Saskatchewan. We keep cost low while minimizing our customer's exposure to fluctuating energy prices. Future Now Energy is family-owned and operated. Since our company opened its doors in 2001, we treat every customer like they are a part of our family. 

Green Mountain Energy Company

Phone: 800.274.5289

Pioneering in the renewable energy market has been Green Mountain Energy’s specialty since we started in 1997.  We offer consumers an affordable platform of sustainable power solutions – including 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon-offset natural gas plans.  Our commitment to the environment is an intrinsic value that drives our mission – to change the way power is made.  Join us in making a difference – it’s simple and affordable.

IGS Energy

Phone: 877.444.7427

IGS Energy is American's #1 independent retail supplier of natural gas, serving more than 800,000 residential, commercial, and industrial customers across seven different states. You can choose IGS Energy to gain greater control over your natural gas costs. IGS Energy offers both fixed rate and variable rate plans, enabling you to choose the plan that's best for you. IGS Energy, Your Natural Gas Choice!

Illinois Energy

Phone: 877.292.9363

Illinois EnergySM is proud to offer flexible plan options and exceptional customer service to the residents of Illinois.

Illinois Gas & Electric

Phone: 866.705.7291

Illinois Gas & Electric (“ILG&E”) is a leading national energy supplier for residential and commercial customers. Our expertise and experience is in providing valuable energy solutions to our customers.

Indra Energy IL

Phone: 888-504-6372

Indra Energy is a leading competitive energy company dedicated to providing electricity, natural gas and renewable energy options to commercial utility customer in 9 states and more than 64 markets, supported by friendly and efficient customer care. Indra Energy offers a 100% renewable energy product as its main product offering. We are committed and proud to give back to the communities of our customers.

Josco Energy

Phone: 877.955.6726

Just Energy

Phone: 866.587.8674

Just Energy is an independent energy retailer committed to supplying superior products and exceptional service to commercial and residential customers in Illinois. Just Energy provides customers with peace of mind and stability against the volatility of natural gas prices by offering reliable price protection. Just Energy is part of a group of companies operating in New York, Illinois, Texas and Canada, with a market capitalization of more than $1 billion.

Mansfield Power and Gas

Median Energy

Phone: 888.316.5443

Mega Energy

Phone: 855.810.6342

Mega Energy is a minority-owned national retail electricity provider established in our home state of Texas. Our team is comprised of proven industry professionals with sales and operations currently focused on Illinois, Ohio, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. Since 2007, we have been providing simple and affordable energy products and services as guided through our brand pillars: family, transparency, and philanthropy. Join us and experience the benefits for yourself!

National Gas & Electric, LLC

Phone: 888.442.0002

National Gas & Electric, LLC (NG&E) is part of a family of retail electricity and retail gas companies operating since 1999 in deregulated markets across the United States. NG&E focuses on providing customer-focused, competitively priced services to its residential and small commercial customers.

Nordic Energy Services, LLC

Phone: 877.808.1022 

Whether you are a homeowner or business, whether you are still with a utility or currently with an alternative supplier, taking advantage of the benefits of deregulation could not be easier. Nordic Energy Services is your one stop for natural gas and electricity to help you gain control of your energy future. We service over 140,000 residential customer equivalent (RCE) accounts throughout the country by providing exemplary service and affordability.

NRG Home

Phone: 855.500.8703

NRG Home is an electric and natural gas supply company serving customers in the United States. We are part of NRG Energy, Inc., a Fortune 250 company that is at the forefront of changing how people think about and use energy. NRG is leading customer-driven change in the U.S. energy industry by delivering cleaner and smarter energy choices, while building on the strength of the nation’s largest and most diverse competitive portfolio.

Park Power, LLC

Phone: 855.780.7275

Park Power, LLC is a licensed retail energy supplier operating in several states. Energy rate competition allows you the power to choose Park Power – a socially-responsible energy supply company respected for our leadership and commitment to you, our customer.

Realgy Energy Services

Phone: 877.300.6747 ext. 2222| 

Realgy Energy Services (RES) has over 40 years of natural gas industry expertise, providing insight and savings to industrial and residential customers alike. Founded with a mission to identify cost reduction opportunities to all clients, RES offers a complete suite of services - from dependable gas supply to comprehensive utility analysis and savings consultation.

Residents Energy, LLC

Phone: 888.828.7374

Residents Energy is a retail energy provider that has been supplying electricity and natural gas to homes and small businesses since 2014. Customers living in deregulated states have the power to choose a supplier and shop for an energy supply plan tailored to their needs. We deliver a host of options including fixed rate plans and variable rate plans that include rebates and other incentives that may not be offered by your local utility company.

RPA Energy Inc. dba Green Choice Energy

Phone: 800.685.0960

RPA Energy d/b/a Green Choice Energy offers comprehensive energy solutions with top notch customer service. We offer a variety of pricing options for electricity, natural gas, and green energy products for your home or business. Our unique approach to energy solutions is designed to meet your unique energy needs. Due to the deregulation of the energy market, you can choose your energy supply company!

Santanna Energy Services

Phone: 800.827.0067

Santanna Energy Services (SES) is an energy supplier that works with your current utility to provide natural gas and electricity. Santanna delivers Convenience, Value, and Simplicity in IL, OH, PA, MI, and IN. Our local sales office is in Bolingbrook, IL. Santanna is 100% employee owned with a long history of serving the business community. We want to build a strong relationship with your organization. For over 30 years, Santanna has proven its value as a reliable, stable energy partner.

SFE Energy Illinois, Inc.

Phone: 877.698.0608

SFE Energy Illinois, Inc. is licensed by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) to act as a supplier to residential and commercial customers in the state. We supply natural gas and electricity generation services to homeowners and business owners.

South Bay Energy Corp.

Phone: 877.724.9010

South Bay Energy Corp., a certified supplier of natural gas and electricity, is dedicated to bringing residential, commercial and industrial consumers the many benefits of a deregulated energy market.

Symmetry Energy Solutions, LLC

Phone: 888.200.3788

Symmetry Energy Solutions, LLC is a leading energy supplier providing over 1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas to more than 100,000 customers in over 30 states. We use our wealth of experience to find new ways to help residential and business customers maximize their energy budgets every day. From comprehensive strategies and competitive pricing options to strong buying power and exceptional customer service, we strive to provide our customers with energy strategies that best fit their needs.

Spark Energy Gas, LLC

Phone: 877.228.9427|

Spark Energy is a certified retail energy supplier which operates in several states. Spark Energy Gas is a certified retail natural gas supplier with several years of combined experience in the electricity and natural gas industries. We understand how deregulated energy markets operate. As experts in the business, our key attributes are providing our customers with low prices and quality customer service.

Utility Gas and Power

Phone: 855.747.4931

Utility Gas & Power (UGP) is a licensed alternative gas supplier in the State of Illinois. Through the Customer Select Program, Utility Gas & Power offers consumers more choices when it comes to their energy costs and services. Owned and managed by seasoned industry professionals, Utility Gas & Power is dedicated to providing the best value in natural gas service to our customers.

Vanguard Energy Services

Phone: 630.955.1500 x 120

Vanguard Energy Services is a regionally focused full-service retail energy marketer serving Midwestern commercial and industrial clientele.

Viridian Energy PA, LLC

Phone: 866.663.2508

Sustainability is not merely a word at Viridian: It is our driving force. Our goal was never to simply create an energy company, but to create a path to a more sustainable world. We pledge to our customers and Independent Associates that together we will be part of the solution.

Vista Energy Marketing, LP

Phone: 888.508.4782

Vista Energy Marketing, LP brings the wholesale and retail markets together to benefit a wide variety of consumers. Whether you are a large commercial consumer or a family living on a tight budget, Vista is equipped to solve your energy needs. Located in Houston, Texas, our team has a vast combination of experience within the marketing and trade industry. We specialize in wholesale supply acquisition, pipeline transportation and risk analysis. Vista seeks to create opportunities and give customers a choice.

Windy City Energy, Inc.

Phone: 877-287-7261

Windy City Energy, Inc., located in St.Charles, IL, has been serving the metropolitan Chicago market since 2002 and provides natural gas and electric options to commercial and industrial customers. We provide a host of pricing options including:

• Variable Pricing – Index and NYMEX related monthly pricing.
• Fixed Pricing – Basis, NYMEX and bundled. Term buying options, to avoid monthly true ups in high volume months.
• Utility Savings – Percentage discount to utility rates.


XOOM Energy Illinois, LLC

Phone: 888.997.8979

XOOM Energy is a national independent energy retailer who supplies natural gas and electricity to residential and commercial customers in deregulated energy markets across the U.S. After expansion, XOOM Energy will be one of the largest energy retailers in the country. Customers have the option to choose from a variety of plans, including variable and fixed-rate plans – giving them the choices they want.

Questions to ask suppliers

What pricing options are available to me?

Will the price you charge vary? If so, how?

What are the terms and length of the contract?

Are there any penalties or exit fees if I cancel my contract?

How will I be billed and how often? Who will bill me?

Do you offer any payment plans or electronic payment options?

In addition to the cost of gas, what other charges will I see on my bill?

Who do I call if I have questions about my natural gas charges?


Account agent

A third party who is authorized to purchase, manage and/or bill for natural gas service. For example, when you sign a contract with a supplier, that supplier becomes your account agent and is authorized to buy natural gas on your behalf. The account agent may also be authorized to receive bills from the utility and other information that would otherwise be sent directly to you.

Billing cycle

The amount of time covered by one bill.

Budget Plan

A payment option that divides a customer's estimated costs into equal monthly payments. This plan allows customers to pay the same amount on their bill each month over a specified period of time.


The natural gas you use, not including any services provided by the supplier or utility.

Customer Select

A program offered by Nicor Gas that allows all residential and business customers to choose their natural gas supplier.

Delivery charges

Charges that cover the operating and distribution costs of the utility. Also called distribution charges.


Separating the service of purchasing natural gas from the distribution function of the utility. This allows other non regulated suppliers the opportunity to sell natural gas to customers. The utility continues to deliver the natural gas.

Fixed pricing

A constant price for natural gas (either per therm or per bill) that is maintained over the entire life of a contract. Changes in the market price of natural gas will not affect the price you pay.

Letter of agency

A written agreement that a customer switching gas suppliers must sign to authorize the new supplier to purchase gas on the customer's behalf.

Market-based or index pricing

An offer for natural gas at a price that is tied to one or more natural gas market benchmarks or indicators such as Natural Gas Intelligence, Gas Daily and NYMEX. This type of pricing generally fluctuates and follows the current market price of gas over the life of the contract.


An acronym for the New York Mercantile Exchange where contracts for commodities, including natural gas, are traded. At the NYMEX, natural gas futures and options contracts are traded which establish future pricing directions. Suppliers may use the NYMEX to establish their pricing offers.

Single billing

A service provided by either Nicor Gas or a supplier which offers one bill containing charges from both Nicor Gas and the supplier.

Storage banking

Placing gas in storage (usually during the summer) and withdrawing gas from storage (usually in the winter).


A company other than the local utility that supplies natural gas to customers.


The basic unit for measuring natural gas use.

Utility affiliate

A supplier/marketer that is owned all or in part by the same corporation that owns the local utility.

Variable pricing

A price that may fluctuate over the life of a contract, sometimes tied to a market index (see market-based or index pricing).

Weighted Average Cost of Gas (WACOG)

An average cost of gas based on your gas use. If you use more gas in a given billing period, that month's gas price carries more weight in the calculation. If you use less gas in a billing period, that month's gas price carries less weight. Because natural gas costs change throughout the year, this is an accurate way to figure out a customer's average yearly price per therm.