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Small Business

Nicor Gas has offerings to support private, public and multi-family properties of all sizes on their efficiency journey. Find the right solution for your small business!

Commercial Assessments

One of our skilled Energy Advisors or Certified Engineers will conduct a free assessment of your building to understand your facility’s needs and identify energy efficiency opportunities. The advisor will install water-saving products like faucet aerators and other free items to help save energy throughout your facility. After the assessment, you’ll receive a customized report detailing energy-saving recommendations, product and improvement costs and available rebates or incentives for any energy efficiency improvements.

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On-Bill Financing (Energy Efficiency Loans)

Financing is available to eligible Nicor Gas small business and multi-family customers to cover the cost of rebate-qualifying equipment and improvements. Installments on the loan are conveniently applied to your monthly Nicor Gas bills. For full requirements or to apply, click below.


Most Popular Rebate Offerings to Help You Save

Dry cleaner steam traps > 15 psig

$200 per trap 
(Must have a third-party steam trap survey)

Application and Requirements Here

Pipe insulation

$2 - 4 per linear foot
2" (outdoor system)  
1" (indoor steam system)  
1" (indoor hot water system)
1" (indoor pipe <1" diameter)  

Learn More

Clothes dryer modulation controls

Must be installed on an existing commercial gas dryer with no modulating capabilities

Full Requirements Here

Programmable thermostat

Must be installed on systems with space heating equipment < 300 MBTUH. 


See all requirements

Commercial Foodservice Rebates

Heat up savings in your commercial kitchen

When upgrading your kitchen equipment, there are a number of rebates you might be eligible for. 

  • Ovens
  • Broilers
  • Steamers
  • Fryers
  • Pre-rinse spray valves
  • And more!

Check out all of the qualifying equipment, eligibility requirements and their current incentive levels to start saving on your next efficiency project.

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Custom Incentives

If you are planning a project but it's not covered under other Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency offerings, it may qualify for a custom incentive. Businesses that use less than 60,000 therms of natural gas annually, are independently owned and operated, and have fewer than 10 locations qualify for small business custom incentives. Custom incentives are based on the therms saved from the energy efficiency project.

*Incentives are capped at $350,000 or 35% of the project cost, whichever is less.

Project Savings

Incentive Amount

Incentive Cap*

> 2,500 Therms Saved/Year

$0.60 Per Therm Saved

$350,000 per year

> 7,500 Therms Saved/Year

$0.80 Per Therm Saved

$350,000 per year

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