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Member Benefits

Installing Members

Check out some of the many benefits available to Contractor Circle installing members.

Offer Instant Discounts

A great benefit to being a Contractor Circle member is that you can offer instant discounts to your customers. Simply deduct the rebate amount as a separate item on the final invoice so that the customer instantly receives the discount. From there, complete and submit an application and a customer-signed invoice, or submit an invoice and a customer-signed invoice checklist (available in the reference center). You'll receive the full rebate direct to you from the Nicor Gas Energy Efficiency Program.

Why offer instant discounts?

  • You help your customers reduce their out-of-pocket costs while charging the same price
  • Offering instant discounts helps you close sales on high-efficiency products
  • Minimal paperwork and an online instant discount application portal just for Contractor Circle members makes the process fast and hassle-free. Benefits of the online application include:
    • Pre-populated company information: No need to enter your company name on every application.
    • Direct deposit: Only the online instant discount application portal has the option to select direct deposit. Direct deposit information is pre-populated in the application, and rebate payments are electronically deposited into your account.
    • Qualifying products: The built-in drop-down lists with qualifying manufacturers and models ensures the equipment you installed qualifies for a rebate.
    • No more postage stamps: All of your required documents can easily be uploaded to the application.
    • Simplify accounting: All application details are included on the check stub or direct deposit, so it’s easy to match a check to a customer’s invoice.
    • Easy to track: Track your outstanding applications in our portal – you’ll be able to see what’s processing, what’s paid and what’s pending further information.

Get Listed In Our Find A Contractor Tool

Only Contractor Circle installing members are listed in our Find a Contractor tool, which had over 11,000 website visits in the past year. Nicor Gas is a name our customers trust, so our site is one of the first places our customers go when they need to find a trade ally. This is a great way to generate new leads, and it’s a free perk of membership. In fact, many of our members participate just to be listed in our Find a Contractor tool.

Free Marketing Materials

We’ve partnered with a diverse print vendor to offer our Contractor Circle members free marketing materials. Through the print portal, you can order our rebate fact sheets, information about assessments, and many other items, printed and delivered to you free of charge. Plus, some of these items can even be customized to include your company’s logo. Once you’re a member, it is easy to access the portal and start ordering.

Order Materials 

Cobranding Opportunities

Members can download and use the Contractor Circle logos on their marketing material. First, review our logo use agreement >

Closed Network Opportunities

Interested in offering incentives for air sealing and insulation, duct sealing or other closed-network programs? Contact us to learn more about the heightened eligibility requirements for these programs.


Distributor and Contractor outreach

Janet Sebahar

Trade Ally Outreach Coordinator


Supplier Members

Competitive Edge

Be the first to know

  • Our Contractor Circle members are the first to know about program changes, incentive updates and training opportunities through our newsletters and outreach.

Marketing and Cobranding

Free marketing materials

  • Members can order marketing material for free with our marketing materials portal

Logo use

  • Download and use the Contractor Circle supplier member logo on your marketing material. First, check out our logo use agreement.

Building your network

Offering exclusive opportunities

  • We will work with you to promote opportunities, sales, discounts, and other promotions exclusively with our Contractor Circle installing members. With a controlled reach, you can test the effectiveness of new programs without blowing your budget. Plus, you’ll be identifying new customers and building loyalty through their participation.