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Careers in Energy

Nicor Gas has been delivering safe, reliable natural gas service to Illinois customers since 1954. We’re proud to offer career opportunities to more than 2,000 talented and dedicated employees in a variety of technical, administrative and professional fields and we're helping the next generation discover if a career in energy is right for them!

Discover Our Educational Partnerships

Careers at Nicor Gas

Nicor Gas Celebrates Careers in Energy Week

Careers in Energy Week is Oct. 16-20, 2017, and Nicor Gas is proud to support this week by encouraging students to learn more about energy and to explore the diverse and exciting career opportunities in the energy industry. See Gov. Rauner's proclamation about Careers in Energy Week. Learn More >

For Educators

We have a fun video game for elementary school children! Join Sniffy and friends in a video game adventure to learn where natural gas comes from, how Nicor Gas safely delivers it to your home and more. Internet Explorer 9, Chrome or Firefox is required.  Play Now > 

Have a speaker from Nicor Gas talk to your students about the energy industry and careers in energy! Contact Margi Schiemann at MSchiem@southernco.com.

Win one of three $250 classroom grants through the Illinois Energy Workforce Consortium!

Email a photo and brief (2-3 sentences) description of how you used materials that the organization provides with your students to Illinois@consortia.getintoenergy.com with the subject line “Class Grant Entry.” Or, let’s get social! Use the hashtag #classgrant along with a photo and brief description on Facebook or Twitter. It’s that simple!

The deadline to submit entries is January 26, 2018. The drawing will take place February 2, 2018, with award presentations occurring in March 2018.

Find Educational Resources on Energy.

Visit us at Career Fairs.

For Students

Careers in the energy industry – including the natural gas industry – can be very rewarding. Plus, there are lots of opportunities available! There is a large supply of safe, reliable natural gas right here in America. Natural gas is used to heat homes when it’s cold, cook food, dry clothes and heat up water.

Here are just a few of the career opportunities available in the energy and energy-related industries:

Meter Reader

Field Operations Mechanic

Energy Efficiency Expert

Help Desk Technician

Customer Service Representative


Digital Communications Specialist  Accountant