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Billing & Payment Information

Payment Assistance

Nicor Gas offers programs such as the Budget Plan to help you make your payments.

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Billing Examples for Transportation Customers

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Reading Your Meter

Nicor Gas automatically reads residential, commercial and industrial meters. This is possible due to meters that have been upgraded with two-way communications devices that enable meter reads to be obtained without the need for a field visit. A small percentage of meter reads are still obtained by a meter reader that visits your home or business notating the amount of natural gas you use and generating your utility bill. 

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Bill Payment FAQ

When is my Nicor Gas bill due?

If you request that your meter be turned off during an absence of less than 12 months, you are considered a seasonal customer. When your meter is turned back on, a normal reconnection charge will also apply.

If you relocate for an extended time during the year, it's important that you give us your current mailing address so we can forward your bill. If you have an indoor meter, you should make arrangements to allow us access to your meter while you're away. To make these arrangements, call 888.Nicor4u (642.6748).

Where should I mail my payment?

Your Nicor Gas bill is due on or before the due date shown on your bill stub. Residential customer bills are due 21 days after they are issued. Please review your convenient bill payment options.

What happens if my bank won't pay my check or transfer?

Nicor Gas
P.O. Box 5407
Carol Stream, IL 60197-5407

Can I specify my payment date?

If your bank returns a check to Nicor Gas, or an electronic transfer is refused due to insufficient funds, an additional charge will be added to your account. Notice of a returned check and the resulting $16.00 charge will appear on your next bill.

I'm only in residence for part of the year. Can I save money by having my meter turned off while I'm gone?

If your main source of income arrives after the due date on your monthly gas bill, we may be able to help. In certain cases, we can extend your bill's due date until after the 10th of the month to help you avoid late payment charges. You may request a Preferred Payment Date application by calling 888.Nicor4u(642.6748).


To be eligible, you must be a residential customer and receive assistance from one of the following:

  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
  • Aid to the Aged, Blind and Disabled (AABD)
  • Illinois Department of Public Aid
  • General Assistance Supplemental Security Income
  • Social Security
  • Veterans Administration Benefits
  • Unemployment Compensation