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Goodr and Nicor Gas partner up to battle hunger in food deserts

The holiday spirit has bitten us all, and we’re eager to spread joy and gratitude. Last week, our employees came out to host 3 pop-up grocery stands in food deserts throughout Illinois. Together with our incredible partner Goodr, we distributed 38 tons of food - enough to feed 2,500 families for a week - to customers in Joliet, Rockford and University Park. No one should have to choose between putting food on the table or paying a bill, but that’s the reality more than 11% of Illinois residents living in poverty face each and every day.

At Goodr, hunger isn’t a scarcity problem – it’s a logistics issue. This innovative company mixes compassion with intuitive technology and national logistics to divert fresh food surplus to communities in need. They work with various organizations – including businesses, schools, governments and more – to collect and deliver excess food. Their mission to eradicate hunger is not only inspiring and heartfelt but practical and effective.

An added benefit? Keeping food waste out of landfills reduces greenhouse gas emissions – namely methane, produced by anaerobic bacteria through the decomposition of organic materials. Landfills are a top emitter of methane, so recycling and reducing what we put into them benefits the environment while helping those in need. Both Nicor Gas and Goodr are committed to helping our communities and protecting the planet. To us, that’s a big win for us all.