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For everything home is today, we’re here to help you save

Your new normal for saving energy

For many of us, our homes have taken on new roles. Your family room might double as your gym, or maybe you’re working from your kitchen. No matter how your home has changed, we have free ways to help you save energy and prepare for winter. 

Free weatherization services

Income-qualified customers can receive free home efficiency improvements including air sealing, insulation and furnace replacements. This offering makes efficiency more accessible to ensure you’re ready for cooler weather. Eligibility depends on the combined household income of everyone living in the unit.

Check out our list of Community Action Agencies (CAA) for your area to contact for questions, to see if you qualify or to apply for assistance.

Free energy-saving kits

Nicor Gas has two types of kits to help you save in different areas of your home. Our weatherization kits have door sweeps, gasket covers, caulk and weatherstripping to help seal gaps around windows and doors. These small changes can help deliver lasting savings and warmth.

To save even more, order our water-saving kit that has faucet aerators, showerheads and a shower timer to reduce natural gas and water use in your bathroom and kitchen.

Each kit is delivered straight to your door, and the products are easy to install for quick savings. Learn more and order your kits today!