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Furnaces and smart thermostats – they’re better together!

Milk and cookies, rock and roll, furnaces and thermostats, some things just belong together. So why keep them apart? By pairing a high-efficiency furnace with a smart thermostat, you can see even greater savings in your home.

Energy-efficient furnaces

There are many benefits to putting a high-efficiency furnance in your home.

  • Consistent temperature throughout your home, ensuring comfort in every room.
  • Equipment is quieter than old units thanks to sound-absorbing materials.
  • A great selling point for prospective home buyers.

Still not sure if you should take the leap? For a limited time, we have increased our rebate for qualifying 95% and 97% AFUE furnaces. Learn more about our bonus today!

Smart thermostats

  • Ability to connect to other Wi-Fi enabled devices, like smartphones, computers and smart home devices.
  • Easily set schedules and control your thermostat from anywhere.
  • Automatically learns your usage habits, enabling more efficient use of energy and temperature control whether you're at home or out of the house. 

Nicor Gas also has rebates for qualifying smart thermostat models. If you’re a ComEd customer, you can stack these incentives for even more savings.

Simply better together

While furnaces and thermostats each have their own benefits, they deliver powerful advantages when combined. They save energy throughout the home, reducing your overall utility bills. They also work well together to create a more comfortable, healthy home. This dynamic energy efficiency duo bring great benefits for years to come. Now may be the best time to consider upgrading!