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From Necessities to Luxuries

When you design, construct or remodel a home or business, communicate the benefits of natural gas to your customers. It’s safe, reliable, clean and offers long-term energy savings and whole-site features no other energy source can provide.


There’s a reason why professional chefs prefer natural gas. Natural gas ranges cook food more evenly, provide precise temperature control and cook food faster than electric options. Plus, gas ranges won’t dry out food like electric ranges can. Natural gas ranges are more energy efficient and more durable than electric models, which means your clients will also save money. 

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Space heating typically makes up one of the largest energy expenses, so it’s good to know that natural gas furnaces heat spaces faster and offer enhanced comfort with heat that is 20 degrees warmer than air from electric heat pumps. Natural gas furnaces also offer dependable warmth with efficiencies of up to 98%.

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A natural gas dryer can dry two loads of clothes in the same time it takes for one load in an electric dryer. Both residential and commercial clients will appreciate the cost savings and convenience.

Water Heaters

Natural gas water heaters deliver hot water twice as fast as electric models, which means clients are less likely to run out of hot water when they want and need it most. They’re also more energy efficient and cost up to 68% less to operate compared to electric or propane options. Plus, with fewer parts to wear out, natural gas water heaters are generally considered more durable than electric models. For the ultimate in on-demand hot water, energy and space efficiency, choose a tankless natural gas water heater.

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Backup Generators

In most cases, a natural gas generator sits outside a home or business on a concrete pad, just like an air conditioning unit. When there’s a power outage, it automatically turns on to provide electricity that not only supplies people with the power they need, but also provides safety, security, and peace of mind. 

Home gas-fired boiler. The installation of gas equipment. Heating in the house.


The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings of boilers, which represents the estimated percentage of fuel converted into heat, usually falls between 80 – 96%. High-efficiency boilers can have an AFUE rating of 90% and higher. Plus, residential and commercial gas boilers are less expensive to run than electric boilers, and are more powerful.

A fire burns in a glass fireplace, radiates heat


Natural gas logs and fireplaces provide the warmth and charm of a wood burning fireplace, without all the work. Homeowners and business operators appreciate the ease and lasting benefits of gas logs:

  • Operate without electricity

  • Enhance room décor

  • Produce no odors or ashes
  • Provide space heating
  • Environmentally friendly
fire pit

Fire Pits

Natural gas fire pits come in a multitude of size and design options, and can range from an elegant focal point to a recreational favorite. They’re quick and easy to light, immediately produce heat, and can be turned off in an instant. Fire pits have been among the top five outdoor living design trends for the last several years. 

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Natural gas grills make outdoor cooking easier and more convenient since there’s no need to refill propane tanks or wait for charcoal to heat up. Plus, natural gas is more affordable than propane, saving clients money during grilling season. Gas grills can be installed just about anywhere: they can be permanently mounted in-ground or on a deck, or there can be a quick-connect option for a grill that’s on a portable cart. 

outdoor light

Outdoor Lights

Authentic gas lights illuminate the night with a beauty all their own. Mounted on exterior walls, porch ceilings or on lampposts, gas lights function as outdoor lighting and add charm. Today’s gas lights are easy to use, conveniently controlled with switches installed inside or with timers. And there's a bonus benefit: gas lights don't attract bugs.

Patio Heating

There’s no reason to stop entertaining or dining when the temperature drops. Natural gas patio heaters radiate heat downward to warm a 12- to 20-foot area. Most effective when the outdoor temperature is between 40 and 60 degrees, patio heaters can be located almost anywhere with post mount and portable models.

Pool and Tub Heaters

Let your clients extend the swimming and spa season. Natural gas heaters are the most effective way to maintain ideal water temperatures, are up to 97 percent energy-efficient, and warm the water twice as fast as electric heaters.