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Offers and Incentives

Nicor Gas offers many opportunities for you and your customers to save with our Energy Efficiency Program, promotions, education, training, rebates, and perks. Get involved and be in the know on how you and your customers can benefit.

Free of Charge

We’ll extend 100 feet of low pressure main or 200 feet of high pressure main along a street, highway, or other right-of-way to a point adjacent to the property line of any customer, or improved lots within a subdivision, free of charge*.

For residential and small non-residential customers (Meter Class A), we’ll install 60 feet of service pipe between our main and the customer's property line free of charge*.

Service Pipe Installation Charges
Charges Per Foot
Pipe Size and Type First 60 Feet Next 90 Feet Next 200 Feet Over 350 Feet
All ½-inch Polyethylene (PE) No Charge $5.80 $4.62 Based on time and materials
1-inch PE (Residential) No Charge $7.47 $5.26 Based on time and materials
1-inch PE (Non-Residential) No Charge $12.15 $7.90 Based on time and materials
All 2-inch PE No Charge $27.39 Based on time and materials Based on time and materials
All Steel No Charge Based on time and materials Based on time and materials Based on time and materials

For all not-for-profit schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, governmental agencies, churches and other premises used solely for religious purposes, we’ll install up to 350 feet of service free of charge provided the gas service supplied is used for substantially all space heating requirements*. 

*Please refer to the Terms and Conditions—Extension of Distribution System for all details.

Residential New Construction Program

The Residential New Construction Program offers builder incentives for constructing homes that include the installation of qualifying energy efficient equipment, along with meeting air sealing and duct sealing requirements. Participation is easy and allows homeowners to enjoy a more energy-efficient home that increases safety, comfort and durability. Learn more about the Residential New Construction Program and all of the incentives.

Commercial and Industrial New Construction Program

In a collaboration with other Illinois utilities, this comprehensive program provides financial incentives and technical assistance to help building owners and design teams exceed current energy codes and provide customers with high-performance buildings.

Unlike similar programs, we provide energy modeling and technical consulting as a free service to participants. Plus, our program is designed to simplify the participation process, minimize paperwork, and deliver rigorous technical information on energy efficiency opportunities.

If you’re a builder, developer, designer, engineering or architectural firm involved in the construction of new commercial, industrial or multi-family buildings, get us involved at the beginning of the design process to take full advantage of the program.

Learn more about the Commercial and Industrial New Construction Program and its incentives. Together we can create a building that produces long-term energy solutions and cost savings. To participate, contact Prachi Sharma at

Affordable Housing New Construction Program

Developers of affordable housing projects, including single-family and multi-family new construction and renovations, can receive technical guidance and financial incentives to increase comfort, reduce energy usage, and improve value while exceeding current Illinois building code requirements.

The program implements a holistic performance standard for improving the building’s envelope, HVAC systems, lighting, water-heating equipment, and appliances.

Get in on the program’s impressive track record by engaging with us early in the planning stage. Learn more about the Affordable Housing New Construction Program and its incentives. To participate, contact Dan Moring at

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Installing Member Logo
Supplier Member Logo

Contractor Circle

Join Contractor Circle and enjoy business-boosting benefits. Visit the Contractor Circle page and discover more about:


To be a Contractor Circle installing member, you must have a minimum of five paid rebate applications or one business custom incentive in the current or previous program year. To be a Contractor Circle supplier member, the company must design, manufacture or sell equipment, services or solutions that are eligible for Nicor Gas rebates.

Applying is free and simple. And, you’ll gain access to all of the program’s exclusive benefits. Apply now.

Find a Contractor Listing

Only Contractor Circle installing members can be listed on Find a Contractor, a tool that Nicor Gas customers trust when they’re looking to find the right contractor for a job. With more than 11,000 website visits in the past year, being part of Find a Contractor is an effortless way to generate leads and land new business.


Use the Installing Member logo and let everyone know you’re part of Nicor’s Energy Efficiency Program.

Free Marketing Materials

Use the member-only print portal to order rebate fact sheets, information about assessments, and more. Many items can be customized to include your company logo, and we’ll print and deliver everything to you free of charge.

Be the First to Know

Contractor Circle members are the first to know about program changes, incentive updates, and training opportunities through our newsletters and outreach.

Trade Allies

If you’re a contractor, distributor, manufacturer, supplier, builder, retailer or engineering firm involved with energy efficiency products or improvements with Nicor Gas, you’re a Trade Ally. Take advantage of rebates that benefit your business and your customers, and stay on top industry news, resources and trends with the quarterly Trade Ally Newsletter.